Team Freedom Coaching

Team Freedom Coaching works with people to transform their lives and manifest positive change in society. Our vision is that everyone gets to heal, transform, and awaken. Once we become free of our limiting beliefs, we can awaken to our authentic self. This is the version of ourselves that can open ourselves up to infinite possibilities and live our dream life. Our mission is to use the stage and life coaching to create a consciousness change, so everyone can thrive and prosper.

Keynote Speaker

Jay Jawitz can be booked as a motivational speaker or facilitate a personal development workshop at your next event. We stand on the belief that everyone matters, and everyone has a spark that is meant to be ignited. We can be the catalyst to ignite your audience into a blaze of life changing results. What’s Possible?

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Meet Our Team

Jay Jawitz

Jay Jawitz is a passionate public speaker and awakening coach. His own transformation and spiritual awakening lead him to become a visionary leader. Jay connects to his audience with compassion, vulnerability, and authenticity. His sensitivity and room shaking power moves his audience emotionally from their head to their hearts. Jay motivates and inspires others to discover their purpose and live it.

Beth Sullivan-Jawitz

Beth Sullivan-Jawitz is a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Coach, Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy, and has practiced as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for over twelve years. 


Awakening Coaching

What would your life look like if you become Spiritually Awakened? I can promise you that it will never be the same again. Becoming spiritually awakened will create emotional states such as happiness, joy, freedom, excitement, peace, serenity, gratitude, and clarity....

Conscious Parenting Coaching

Conscious parenting is about personally developing yourself, so your children thrive and prosper. Every human being has an emotional need to continuously grow and be a contribution. As a conscious parent you get to experience fulfillment through parenting. You will...

Recovery Coaching

A recovery coach is a life coach who has expertise in the area of recovery and addiction.  A recovery coach can be looked at as a strong bridge to on-going recovery. Coaching can be used for those who have suffered from addiction/alcoholism or for the family members...

Upcoming Events

Saturday, april 04, 2020

Transform and Awaken Your Spirit • Miami, FL

Do you want to rocket your life to another level? This motivational keynote will open you u to infinite possibilities.. 

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