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Jay Jawitz

Jay Jawitz is a passionate public speaker and coach who has become an expert in battling addiction through his personal recovery.  His own transformation has lead him to live his purpose of inspiring and motivating others to live in infinite possibility. By showing others what’s possible in recovery he helps to eliminate the stigma of addiction so everyone can heal, transform, and awaken.

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The Authentic Self

The Authentic Self emphasizes the importance of becoming totally free from our past so we can discover who we really are. The delivery comes with power and vulnerability so it’s audience can become open to discovering their own limiting beliefs from their past.

Spiritually Awakened

In August of 2001 I was trying to escape hell. I was withdrawing from a nine year opioid habit in the bedroom of my parents home. After 3 days of horrific illness I felt good enough to turn on the television. My favorite movie Shawshank Redemption was the first thing that came on the screen.


If  you decided that you get to be in Recovery vs. have to, you will open yourself up to infinite possibility.


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Tech Companies Have Us Hooked

Oh my God!   Can you believe it?  The new iPhone 11 will be coming out in September.   That is right around the corner.  For some, that day cannot come any sooner.  The ones that are counting down the days are like a child counting days to Christmas with anticipation...

Attacking America’s Addiction Crisis

When you think of the word addiction, what comes to your mind? Most people probably associate the word addiction with drugs.  Most definitions will reference drugs or a substance.  Over the past several years the United States of America has been plagued with an...

Keeping My Thoughts on Recovery

Just for today, my thoughts will be on my recovery.  Recovery is abstinence plus change.  If I am constantly filling my headspace with a focus on my personal development all will be well.  I also need to diligently stay focused on my abstinence from...

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