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I am Coach Jay Jawitz. I am a compassionate, powerful, authentic and visionary leader. In August of 2001, I escaped from a living hell called addiction.

A few days later I ended up in my first 12 step meeting and my journey began. I soon learned that the substance I was using was only a symptom of a lot larger problem called Jay. I made a committed decision to change, and never go back to the hell I came from. Recovery was explained to me as abstinence plus change. I was shown that the process of recovery could open me up to unlimited possibilities.

Within a couple of weeks of being clean, I lost the obsession and compulsion to use drugs. A couple of months later I had a breakthrough experience where I discovered my voice, the God of my understanding, and my purpose. My purpose is to show those who have suffered from addiction a new way of life beyond your wildest dreams.

As a transformational recovery coach I would love the opportunity to help you discover freedom, joy, peace, excitement, passion, purpose and gratitude.

As a public speaking coach, I would love the opportunity to help you break through your comfort zone into the excitement zone. Become a fearless public speaker and discover your power.


“Jay is an amazing coach who has helped me achieve breakthroughs in many areas in my life. He has the perfect approach and he is willing to accommodate my schedule for sessions.”

-Marco Capristo

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