Addiction Prevention

Effective addiction prevention begins by looking at our problem for what it is.  Our country is in the middle of an addiction crisis and most of our focus will be on the current epidemic.  The current epidemic among our youth is vaping.  There is plenty of information out there about the dangers of vaping.  This information is very important but is not going to make a major impact on our youth’s decision making.

If we are to create effective addiction prevention we must create the context for it and address the underlying causes of addiction.  This is why addiction prevention begins at home.  There are several actions that parents could take that would make a significant  difference in the outcome of their children’s  life.  A good majority of parents do not have the proper information.  The information that every parent should know can only come from a person who has personal experience with recovery from addiction and has listened to the experience of thousands of others who have thoroughly researched their past.  Most people who have been in recovery for some years have taken a vested interest in understanding themselves and all of the reasons they picked up a substance to begin with.  They have also listened to the experience of many others because their own life depends on it.

Addiction prevention will not be effective if it does not provide solutions to the challenges that our youth faces.  The biggest challenge that our youth faces is peer pressure.  For most teenagers peer pressure is a stronger influence than the fear of consequences that comes along with substance abuse.  This is because denial and ego clouds the decision making of a teenager faced with trying a substance.  The anecdote for peer pressure is empowerment.

Team freedom Coaching performs a keynote speech accompanied by an empowerment program that is custom designed for our youth.  Our youth will be motivated, inspired, and encouraged to focus on their dream life.  They will be invited to discover their personal power which is the key to healthy decision making and discovering their voice.  The program will leave our youth  with a set of principles that are a guideline for living and discovering the best version of themselves.  Our youth will then be educated on the evil force of addiction which is the quickest way to give away your personal power and throw away your dreams.

Team Freedom Coaching performs a keynote speech accompanied by a workshop designed for parents and our adult community.  The speech and workshop focuses on the many actions that parents take when it comes to addiction prevention and creating change within their own life. The speech provides education and awareness about the intricacies of addiction. 

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