What would your life look like if you become Spiritually Awakened? I can promise you that it will never be the same again. Becoming spiritually awakened will create emotional states such as happiness, joy, freedom, excitement, peace, serenity, gratitude, and clarity. Periods of nirvana and bliss become possibilities.

Becoming spiritually awakened was the best thing that ever happened to me. I could not of got there without a spiritual guide. I needed to ask myself the question “why am I here on earth.” That might be one of the most important questions that you can ask yourself in a lifetime. The answer to that question is your purpose in life. Once we discover our purpose and live it, we can achieve moments of absolute perfection in the middle of an imperfect world. We will no longer become consumed by circumstance and we will realize that the answers we seek will never be outside ourselves. Once you become awakened you will have a different perspective of the current world and a new vision for the future. I would love the opportunity to guide you on your journey so you can awaken to your dream life. As an Awakening Coach I will help you:


  • discover your purpose
  • transform your past
  • eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • connect better to yourself and those around you
  • challenge you to leave your comfort zone so you can open your life up to infinite possibilities
  • discover the best version of yourself by practicing a set of principles in all of your affairs
  • balance your six emotional needs of certainty, uncertainty, love and connection, significance, personal growth, and service to others

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