Conscious parenting is about personally developing yourself, so your children thrive and prosper. Every human being has an emotional need to continuously grow and be a contribution. As a conscious parent you get to experience fulfillment through parenting. You will experience more happiness, freedom, peace and connection in your own life and create a greater outcome for your children. Part of being a conscious parent is seeing how everyone of our actions can affect the future well- being of our children. Becoming a conscious parent is a huge step in preventing substance abuse or poor decision making with your children. Conscious parents learn to relinquish control, so their children are free to be their authentic self. Conscious parents practice empathy and are great listeners.

I can promise you that becoming a conscious parent will change your family’s life drastically. Conscious parents accept and take responsibility for their imperfections. They also create a context where their children learn from their own mistakes, so they can develop in a healthy way. As a conscious parent you will become aware of how your language, tonality, emotional states, and beliefs are shaping your children. You will become aware of what is working, what is not, and what gets to be added. As a Conscious Parenting Coach, I will:


  • help you to create empowering communication with your children
  • help you to create better connection with your family
  • help you to eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • help you discover your authentic self by committing to practicing principles in all your affairs
  • help you to create a context where your children can be their authentic self
  • help keep you accountable to your goals

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