Imagine an incredible place where miraculous things happen. This place is not very far. It is actually right around the corner if you choose to go there. This is a place where fear takes a back seat, and you step into your ultimate level of power. This place is the excitement zone. I spent a good chunk of my life in my comfort zone.

Excitement Zone

Every now and then a mentor would challenge me to step out of my self created prison cell and stretch myself. When I took on the challenge I would create an incredible breakthrough. Sometimes I would not take on the challenge and I would stay stuck like my feet were in cement. Nothing great happens in my comfort zone.

I recently heard a great definition of the comfort zone. The comfort zone is the graveyard of all potential and hope, where dreams go to die. This is where lack, mediocrity, and low expectations thrive. My experience has shown me that this is true and staying there long enough can even lead to pain. Why stay there? I had a fear of making videos and was refusing to breakthrough.

One day I got to make a video for a workshop I was in, and it was uncomfortable. I kept practicing and practicing for hours until it came out right. I realized that I became excited. What lives outside our comfort zone is excitement and infinite possibility. If you would like to go there you should do 3 things. Every day say I am committed to living my life in the excitement zone because this is where I live my life to the fullest and open myself up to unlimited possibility. Say this 3 times every morning with emotional intensity. The next thing is to pick someone on your all-star team to be accountable when it comes to challenges. The next thing is to eliminate your story. This is the story that you create in your mind that is an excuse or limiting belief. If you choose to stay in the excitement zone you will discover life beyond your wildest dreams.

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