Addiction is a family disease.  When someone is suffering from active addiction they will affect everyone around them, especially the people closest to them.  Any person who is suffering from addiction needs to find their bottom if they are to find recovery.  Codependency among family members will deprive the active addict of hitting their bottom.  Enabling family members will always keep the active addict stuck.  More people will die from enabling than tough love ever will.  Addiction is a deadly disease and most enabling comes from guilt.  Families must detach with love so the using addict has a chance to find recovery.  Recovery coaching can help the family step into their power and say no to the using addict.



Roles of a recovery coach for Families

  • Helps the family to create a context for healing and recovery
  • Guides the family to eliminating codependency
  • Creates plans and strategy for communications with a family member
  • Helps the family to have a better understanding of addiction so they are no longer vulnerable to manipulation
  • Helps the family members to become focused on their own goals
  • Guides family members to practicing self-care and rediscovering peace and happiness
  • Guides family members to step in their power by practicing principles