The most giving person I ever met was my grandpa Harry. Harry was someone that you would call a giver. My grandfather lived for mankind. He never cared about making a profit. His only concern was living his purpose. He was a safety engineer and his only focus was making the world a safer place and giving to others. He lived in a small apartment building in Miami Beach where there were other elderly people. He would make sure everyone in the building had food and was taken care of.

Many of my weekends from the age of five to about 11 years old were spent at his apartment. I would spend my time fishing, swimming in the pool, going to the beach, toy store, feeding the seagulls, and going to the library. My mother use to say that my grandfather lived for me, but I know today that he lived for mankind. If he was not physically doing for someone other than himself, he was on this old typewriter writing letters to politicians to do nothing but make a difference in the world. Unfortunately, not many people were paying attention to his ideas when he was in his old age. His typing was a mess and I knew it well. I went to summer camp in the mountains of North Carolina or Georgia from the age of seven to fifteen. Grandpa Harry wrote me letters almost every day. The letters were about 2 sentences long and always had a pack of baseball cards or a few dollars. I rarely payed attention to the writing. The letters would say things like never try drugs. His letterhead always said “ALWAYS WATCH FOR CHILDREN.”

I payed attention to the never try drugs message until I turned eighteen years old. I was hearing the same message from Nancy Reagan with her “Say No To Drugs campaign in the 80’s.” I always payed attention to the other message. I am not a perfect driver and sometimes I can drive over the speed limit, but in a residential neighborhood I am always watching for children.

Because I never payed attention to the other message, I ended up going down the dark road of addiction. My life was spared and in August of 2001 I found the incredible world of recovery. The process of recovery taught me that the key to life is discovering your purpose and living it. I have learned to be a GIVER and live to serve others. Today I am committed to guiding others to awakening. Part of the work that I do is in the area of addiction prevention. If our youth and parents become empowered, they never have to suffer from a monster called Addiction.

I was invited on a podcast in December of 2019. It was an incredible experience. On the podcast I started talking about my grandfather. I had not talked about him for probably 20 years. The host of the podcast said that the work I do is just following the message on his letterhead. She mentioned that I “ALWAYS WATCH FOR CHILDREN.”

As we awaken to a higher level of consciousness our children will thrive and avoid suffering. “ ALWAYS WATCH FOR CHILDREN.”

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