Do you want to create incredible results in every area of your life? If the answer is yes to that question then you should become the master of a principle called focus. Highly successful people will have several things in common and one of them is the ability to focus. Whether you are a star athlete, surgeon or a pilot you must have the ability to focus. Those who choose to always empower themselves have an uncanny ability to make decisions on what to focus on.

If you are a person that is easily distracted, have no fear. I am one of those people and I still have the ability to create incredible results. In some areas of my life focus comes naturally but there are some areas where I need to do some work. You too can also focus with a little bit of personal development work. Remember focus is a principle. I look at principles as tools in a toolbox that I am always carrying with me. I am committed to practicing principles in all of my affairs. When faced with situations or looking at the task at hand, I am always asking myself “what principle do I need to practice.” You can also look at focus as a way of being, so the choice is yours.

A few years ago, I learned a very effective technique called setting an intention. I learned to use this technique as a form of grounding right before a task. It works for any task as long as you can recall the necessary principle or way of being that is necessary. Let’s look at an example. I like to strength train in the gym. If I am to perform a heavy set, I would set an intention. Right before the set, I would stand with my elbows to my side and my hands out. I would face my palms up and lightly press the tips of my index fingers to the tips of my thumbs. I would close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. I would say to myself in my mind that I am committed to focus, presence and power. Setting this intention on a regular basis can give me results that exceeds my goals many of the time. My ability to set the intention of focus allows me to discover strength in my body that I didn’t know existed. We should always strive to discover our best and incredible focus enables us to do that.

In Spring of 2019 I was writing my first book. The book took me about four months to complete. At the same time, I was busy trading stocks in the market. I was making money, so it was easy for me to justify my distracting behavior. I was watching CNBC every morning and night and probably looking at my phone 200 times a day to follow my stocks. One day it occurred to me that my book was not going to be complete while being a slave to another master. I surrendered and cashed out of the market completely so I could focus on my book. At this time the book was about half complete. I started setting my intention of focus and I found myself on a mission. I would wake up at 4:00 AM and would go write to the keyboard. The last couple of days I was writing all day long and found myself completely focused to the task at hand. The world could have been coming to an end and all I could think about was reaching my audience through the written word.

On the second to last day of writing my wife asked me if I smelled something burning. I did not respond because I was not listening. She raised her voice a little louder and asked me again if I smell something burning. I turned and noticed that the kitchen was filled with smoke. I turned around and asked what the hell is burning? A moment later I realized that I put bread in the toaster oven and forgot about it. This might make some people angry, but I was smiling because I realized that I was practicing a principle called focus. I was so focused that I entered the passionate state. This is where the real magic in our life happens. If you want to create some incredible results then avoid the distractions and focus. Go burn some toast!

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