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Jay Jawitz

Jay Jawitz is a passionate public speaker and awakening coach. His own transformation and spiritual awakening lead him to become a visionary leader. Jay connects to his audience with compassion, vulnerability, and authenticity. His sensitivity and room shaking power moves his audience emotionally from their head to their hearts. Jay motivates and inspires others to discover their purpose and live it.

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Jay Jawitz can be booked as a motivational speaker or facilitate a personal development workshop at your next event. We stand on the belief that everyone matters, and everyone has a spark that is meant to be ignited. We can be the catalyst to ignite your audience into a blaze of life changing results. What’s Possible?


The Authentic Self

The Authentic Self emphasizes the importance of becoming totally free from our past so we can discover who we really are. The delivery comes with power and vulnerability so it’s audience can become open to discovering their own limiting beliefs from their past.

Spiritually Awakened

In August of 2001 I was trying to escape hell. I was withdrawing from a nine year opioid habit in the bedroom of my parents home. After 3 days of horrific illness I felt good enough to turn on the television. My favorite movie Shawshank Redemption was the first thing that came on the screen.


Outside your box called the Comfort Zone, is the Excitement Zone.


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