How do you show up to the task at hand? Whether you are closing a business transaction, speaking in public, or performing in sports it is a good idea to show up with confidence. Showing up in any arena of life without confidence does not set us up to win the game of life. Fear is a normal human emotion but can be eliminated when we become present to the moment and train our self to show up in a state of certainty. Can you imagine how you will show up when you already are in complete belief that you will get the results you want.

In August of 2001 I went through a huge transformation in my life. I entered recovery from a horrific drug addiction and immediately started making radical changes. I was discovering parts of myself that I never could believe existed. It is very common for people who are in on-going recovery to speak in front of others to carry a message of hope. I went from a guy who would be petrified to open my mouth in front of a group of people to a person who was excited to share my experiences. I knew that the things I had to say could possibly save and change someone else’s life. I was asked to share my experience quite often because I was filled with passion. I would always get the butterflies in the stomach before I spoke, but that is because I was experiencing my new acronym for FEAR (Feeling Excited and Ready.) I would always show up in a total state of certainty because all I would focus on is the message landing with the audience. Their lives depended on it so I couldn’t afford to focus on anything else such as looking good.

While doing some soul searching and reviewing my past life, I remembered the first time I showed up in a state of certainty. I was seven years old and playing my first year of T-ball. I was one of the worst kids on the team and got picked on regularly for my lack of skills. Going back to elementary school on Mondays after a Saturday game seemed like torture because I was going to be a target for abuse. We just switched over from hitting off the T to the coaches pitching to us in the games. I struggled enough hitting off the T and never had yet hit the ball from a pitch. One Friday night before my Saturday game something had changed drastically. I was watching a major league game with my father. At the end of the game in the ninth inning Reggie Jackson comes to the plate. He hits a homerun to win the game and the stadium became electrified. His team was embracing him in the glory, and he became the hero that night. I wanted that so I made a committed decision before I went to sleep. My father woke me up the next morning for the game. I jumped out of bed with a feeling that I had never felt before. I knew beyond of a shadow of a doubt that I was going to hit a home run that day. I told my father and he did not seem to take me so seriously. He replied and said tell that to your mother. I ran into her room to wake her up and made my declaration. Her reply was leave me alone so I could go back to sleep. I said it again and she responded to get me out of her hair. She said if I hit a homerun, I could have anything I want. Now there was a little extra incentive but that wasn’t my reason why. My carpool came to pick me up and I had zero apprehension of sitting in the back seat with two of the naysayers and abusers on my team. I made my declaration and was immediately laughed at and was reminded that I never hit the ball past the pitching mound. I didn’t care. Nothing was stopping me. Limiting beliefs and past experiences do not exist when we are in a state of certainty.

Here we go! I am finally up to bat. The bases were loaded. We were down by two runs. My own dugout was not cheering me on but making fun. First pitch and bam! My 40lb body managed to hit the ball to the fence. It didn’t go over the fence like Reggie Jackson but mine was a grand slam. I was never made fun of in baseball again was always one of the better players in the league because of the belief that I discovered in myself.

When we show up to a task in a state of certainty, we are communicating to ourselves in a completely positive way under a certain physiology. We are immune to any limiting beliefs and we already know the outcome. As a professional public speaker, I always anchor myself to my T-ball story. I get in touch with the excitement, my reasons why, and my immunity to any naysayers. The technique of anchoring to a state of certainty will always allow the best version of you to show up to the task at hand.

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