Substance Abuse Prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention

Conscious Parenting

Substance Abuse Prevention begins with conscious parenting.  Prevention is not addressing problems once they start, but it is taking proactive action way before a problem arises. Good parents take as much action as possible when they have the right information.  Substance Abuse Prevention is comprised of a lot more than a simple discussion with your children.  The key to conscious parenting is taking the proper action so your child thrives now and in the future.  The ultimate goal in prevention is to create a context where your children will never touch a substance in the first place.

Team Freedom Empowerment Program

One of the biggest challenges our youth faces is peer pressure.  The anecdote to peer pressure is empowerment.  Team Freedom Coaching designed a program to help your children thrive.  In the program our youth is encouraged to focus on their dream life.  They will be invited to discover their personal power which is the key to healthy decision making and discovering their voice.  The program will leave our youth with a set of principles that are a guideline for living and discovering the best version of themselves.  Our youth will then be educated on the evil force of addiction which is the quickest way to give away your personal power and throw away your dreams.

Grandpa Harry Story

The most giving person I ever met was my grandpa Harry. Harry was someone that you would call a giver. My grandfather lived for mankind. He never cared about making a profit. His only concern was living his purpose. He was a safety engineer and his only focus was making the world a safer place and giving to others. He lived in a small apartment building in Miami Beach where there were other elderly people. He would make sure everyone in the building had food and was taken care of.
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